School Principal Message

Dear Parents/Guardians,
I Welcome you to the APS family. The SPIPS aims at fully developing the potential of every student. It aims to:
1) Be living, vibrant and integral part of the community.
2) Cater to the individual needs of all students.
3) Promote equal opportunities for students in every area of school life.
4) Make each student an asset to his/her country.
5) Encourage all student's personal, social, spiritual and moral development.
6) Provide a spring board for further enhancement of student's skills.
7) Provide good human beings imbibing the highest moral and ethical values.
But, to get the best from the school for your ward you are advised to maintain a close contact with the school authorities. I earnestly recommend that parents and guardians should check and sign the home work diary of their ward every day.

They must see that the lesson and homework assigned to him/her for the day is done. Remarks if any, made by the Principal, the subject teacher or the Class-Incharge should be given consideration. When you feel that your ward is not making the desired progress in any field, the school must be visited without delay. The student's happiness and progress in APS will depend upon the sincere co-operation of the parents/guardians. I will welcome every opportunity to discuss about your ward's development and progress throughout the academic year.

With best compliments
Aradhana Public School, Rohru